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Estimate Out The Finest Earthworks With Bright Box Mud Shark

Mud Shark is an earth works software that is very beneficial for contractors, builders, engineers and surveyors. It helps you to get your projects done quickly and in an easy way. Our software will provide you smart tools that will help you to perform your deep calculations easily. 

How is it helpful?

Estimate out the finest earthworks with civil groundworks softwareat Bright Box Mud Shark!

Mud Shark is very useful for an accurate estimate because it can automatically capture contours from a plan and you can use our take off tools as well that will help out to trace structures and contours. Mud Shark will provide you an easy way to calculate your cut and fill. When you survey a site with a drone you can save plenty of time but determining the details is not an easy process. With the help of Mud Shark, you can also import drone data and you can view your site without any difficulty.

Why you should use Mud Shark?

  • It helps you in calculating earth works in a very short time span and you can estimate your projects faster as well.
  • You can get efficiency and precision with the help of smart takeoff tools.
  • It views 3D models of your site.
  • You can have clear detailed reporting with the help of Microsoft excel.
  • You can import plan and site data in a way you want either use a
    1. PDF
    2. DWG
    4. DXF
  • You can calculate trench networks, retaining walls, footings with the help of specialized tools.

Thus, Mud Shark will view your site in detail and will show the different materials that has been used and will display your existing and proposed site in 3D. The software will provide you specialized tools like better Mudshark software that will help you to calculate footings without any difficulty, estimate trench, retaining walls and pipe networks and you simplify deep excavations easily.  You can visually track materials and see the components of your site by generating cross-sections.

Companies’ feedback regarding Mud Shark reliability:

Also, many companies and most of the public has very good feedback regarding Mud Shark. Some of them include: We also provide customers 14 days free trial and our trial will allow you to have full access to our smart take off tools. The only thing you need to do is to just input any contours, boundaries or structures and Mud Shark will do the remaining work itself.

You will get to know that how easy it is to use this cut and fill calculations software and how it helps you to calculate your cut and fill in an easier quicker way. While working on construction sites it was observed that it took a lot of time and money to calculate the cut and fill and also was very difficult.